Welcome to Raccoon City

An Immersive MMORPG integrating RADIX'S DLT, with an NFT collection of 10,000 members

Most amazing features


With the help of DeFi, players can now own in-game assets and have records of it while outliving the game itself. Raccoon City will give the players complete control over the digital assets they earn.

Play 2 Earn

Through the use of our RADIX-based token, $CLAN, players will be able to nurture a digital economy within a game allowing an real immersive P2E experience.

NFT Membership

Buyers will earn a Membership with the purchase of an NFT, giving them special in-game features as early supporters.


At a cost of a 100XRD, you can receive a $RACCOON token as a proof-of-purchase by sending it to the wallet address:


PLEASE NOTE: $RACCOON WILL NOT BE TRADEABLE UNTIL THE RESERVATION IS COMPLETE. Buyers will receive their token within 24H and will receive a randomly selected NFT from our collection by leaving their email in the memo!

Frequently asked questions


What is Raccoon City?

We are building a Web-3.0 compatible, storyline-based MMORPG game with the classic deep lore, pixel art and retro music that allows for a seemless integration of real world trading enhanced by the RADIX DLT


What will the NFT serve as?

The NFTs will act as an in-game Membership, giving player access to special features like certain areas, clothing, etc. They will also help fund any contigency for the game's development.


Is there an end-goal to the game?

Our main goal is to create an immersive game that is worth playing and can be outlived by our players. As the game grows, so will its gameplay.


When can we start playing the game?

The game will be set to come out sometime in 2023. We will have more and more gameplays along the year to give everyone a taste of Raccoon City!